Your new partner in the digital and sustainable transformation of your business


The WepiK team is made up of individuals who, with their experience and knowledge gained over the years, ensure a comprehensive digital transformation of companies. We are focused entirely on delivering the best results.


Are you stuck at a point where you are not sure which decisions will help you achieve and maintain long-term competitiveness and stability for your business? Let us help you along the way with our unique and innovative approach - whether it's with a full project implementation or by consulting you on how to make the best decisions


We always strive to truly understand you and believe that a harmonias way of colaboration can create a sinergetic effect, which result in the best possible output and level of quality for both of us. We guarantee that at every step of our cooperation, top quality performance will take top priority!


100% reliability and accountability are the cornerstones of our work. That's why we guarantee that your project will be delivered with quality, efficiency and to the highest possible standard.

Where can our paths definitely cross?

Optimising business processes

With the experience we have gained so far in optimising operational processes, we are confident that together with you we will maximise the efficiency of your processes. With the help of advanced digital tools, we will bring an easy-to-manage process system into your daily workflow that will increase your efficiency and bring you long-term competitiveness in the market.

Development of modular software, CRM and ERP solutions in the cloud for companies (Flerp Corpo) and dental clinics/ambulantes (Flerp Dent). Simple, efficient, flexible.

We specialise in developing personalised software solutions to solve even the most complex problems. The biggest advantage of our solutions is the connectivity with existing systems, software, webshops and websites (rest API method), ease of use, flexibility, transparency and efficiency of the systems. With our Flerp solutions, we can certainly increase the efficiency of your processes and make your everyday business life easier. In all our solutions we stick to the principle of a friendly and intuitive user experience.

Development of VR solutions

Virtual events and virtual showrooms are no longer a future phenomenon, but part of the present. To meet this need, we have developed Rewolu, a high-end VR platform for all kinds of virtual events and virtual showrooms. You are also invited to take a look at our first virtual festival, the Land of Sport and Health, which was designed and implemented entirely in-house.

Sustainability and consulting

When we talk about sustainable digital solutions, the term is often used as a marketing term to increase the value of a company, but there is usually not much behind it. We want to emphasise that our sustainable solutions are entirely designed and implemented with the intention to optimise environment, social and governance practices, for a better tomorrow