Virtual experience of products and services.

In a virtual showroom, also known as a digital showroom, companies use innovative 3D or virtual reality technology to meet their customers, retailers or partners.

Are you facing any of the following problems?

Limited physical

Little interaction between customers and sellers in traditional online sales

Product presentations are financially and time intensive

Market saturation of product sales online

Check out our new digital solution!


Display without limits

Product information, design and features can be displayed without physical limitations with unlimited opportunities for sales promotion.


Meet clients anytime, anywhere in the world, without additional staff, rent and travel costs.

Interactive experience

Thanks to greater attention and use of multiple senses, the perception and understanding of the product is increased compared to traditional online sales.

Example of a virtual showroom:

No geographical or time limits

Visitors can access the VR Showroom 24 hours a day, every day of the year, wherever they are.

A value-added experience

Quick and easily accessible product information, chat and online purchase.

Personalised content

The platform is optimised for PC, tablet and mobile. It also supports the use of VR Headsets.

Sustainable interaction between customer and seller

Brand trust, customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Implementation stages

Shooting 360° photos or designing a 3D model

Software development and processing

Review and publication

Content update and support

We will carry out all implementation stages for you. Throughout, we will be available for upgrades and updates of your product range in the virtual showroom.

Price: from 999 €

Due to different implementation options for your products, please contact us for an exact offer!